GWrite as a RichStyle Front-End

GWrite, from my point of view, represents the best choice to implement my vision for the perfect word processor; an HTML5/CSS3-powered word processor, as a front-end for RichStyle library.

I’ve developed a custom version of TinyMCE, called rsTinyMCE, as a prototype to illustrate this vision as much as possible.

Things that I couldn’t represent in this prototype, had drawn in the following fake screenshot.

rsTinyMCE: A GWrite prototype

rsTinyMCE: A GWrite prototype

The differences, as you see, are:

  • “Active Languages” combo box: To add lang=”” attribute to any tag or string. RichStyle library will take care of the appropriate font and directionality of the selected language.
  • Views: Screen, Print, Source, Split.

“Find and Replace” fields should appear as a tool bar, not as a pop-up window, just like Firefox.

There’s a discussion on Launchpad about GWrite as an alternative word processor for elementaryOS:

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